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Arnette Cheat Sheet AN4166-2113/87

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Calibre: 63

Frame: shiny black/ grafitti print interior - Lens: grey

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COLOURS: Frame: shiny black/ grafitti print interior - Lens: grey
SIZE: Lens: 63mm - Bridge: 16mm - Arms: 125mm

The Arnette cheet sheet is characterised by its wrap around shape which makes it perfectly adapt to any type of face. The Arnette 4166 have black frames and grey lenses made of nylon, material resistant to bumps and scratches.

The Arnette cheet sheet 4166 is manufactured in a single size but gives you the option to choose between several colours. The lenses protect 100% UV protected.

The Arnette 4166 are suitable for young people who are committed to an urban and casual style. Although in its 24 years of history Arnette has become a reference for those who do some kind of sport, especially risky sports, the Californian brand has managed to evolve in their designs. The Arnette slide and Arnette fire drill 4143 and also very popular models from this brand.